Quality Assurence  

From Shuenn Jia establishment, the quality promotion is the No. 1 target in our company. For the satisfaction of the customers, Shuenn Jia is consistently pursuing the highest quality without any delay. In pursuit of perfection, any disadvantage or defect will be corrected by our senior technician.

Except the most advanced inspection facility, Shuen Jia set up complete quality assurence system. All spindle can be recorded and tracked. From R & D to management, all Shuenn Jia technician will follow the said target without any hestitation to move forward the TQC (Total Quality Control).

Shuenn Jia recently contracted with consultancy for guiding into the ISO-9001 certification,the step is very important and consistent issue in Shuenn Jia to improve and upgrade quality level to world standard. With this altitude, Shuenn Jis spindle will reach the highest quality standard.

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